The (re) project is accompanied by an educational program aimed at pupils aged 8 to 18. The aim of the program is to develop a sustainable initiative that raises awareness of environmental issues through art, by means of participatory workshops in the classroom and a touring collective exhibition moving from school to school.

Educational program
Mediator presenting the work-instruction by the artist Zheng Bo to the pupils of the Sécheron school during a workshop. – Lucille Chaboche
Educational program
Sécheron school pupils at a Duchamp au Jardin workshop in Barton park. – Lucille Chaboche
Educational program
Montfleury school pupils drawing in the park near the school during a workshop. – Laura Moreva
Educational program
Sécheron school pupils drawing from instructions in Barton park. – Lucille Chaboche
Educational program
Workshop at the Bains des Pâquis during the (re) (02) - Beyond Water Biennial. – Lucille Chaboche
Educational program
Mediator showing a photograph of Marie Griesmar's artwork. – Lucille Chaboche
Educational program
Pupil of Montfleury school drawing in the park near the school during a workshop. – Laura Moreva
Educational program
Teacher working with pupils to create instructions to (re)connect to the earth at the Vigne-Rouge school. – Laura Moreva
Educational program
Pupils looking at the interactive content of the touring exhibition at the Vigne-Rouge school. – Laura Moreva

Duchamp au Jardin workshops for classes

The Duchamp au Jardin workshops allow children and young people to combine artistic and scientific approaches to urban ecology and sustainability, and experiment with different forms of dialogue with nature.

The starting points for each workshop are artists' instructions created for the Biennial (re)

Instructions for all

After the first two sessions of in-class workshops, students create their own instructions to invite them to (re)connect with living things.

Exhibition for children

To enrich the artistic experience and share the knowledge acquired during the Duchamp au Jardin and Duchamp au Lac workshops, the art-werk association has launched a travelling exhibition. The exhibition, consisting of information panels and selected works of art, is set up in schools for a few weeks, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the themes explored during the workshops. The pupils' work, the fruit of their creativity and reflection, enriches the exhibition, underlining the importance of their involvement in the artistic process. The event culminates in a festive vernissage, a special moment for sharing where parents and friends are invited to discover the pupils' creations, testifying to the impact of art in education and the understanding of nature in the city.

Duchamp au Lac workshop for classes

Based on the workshops created specifically for the Biennial (re) (02) - Beyond Water is developing a new educational programme based on water (Duchamp au Lac). The educational programme set up during (re) is now being used by the teaching team to design new workshops that will be given in classrooms from September 2024. To stay informed, subscribe to the Newsletter.

Tailored workshops

The works created by the artists offer many ways of understanding the natural world around us in a sensitive and surprising way.

We design tailored workshops for adults, for example for corporate teams. A unique opportunity to discover nature together in a creative way.

For people with special needs, we offer formulas adapted to their cognitive and expressive abilities.

If you are interested, contact us!